Beef Shank Stew

Beef Shank Stew
Fit for the entire family

Today’s menu is fit for the entire family! And I made it especially for my boy in order for him to get all the nutrients he needs. It is called “Beef Shank Stew”

◇ 1 kg Beef Shank.
◇ 0.5 kg Sqush/Zucchini.
◇ 0.5 kg Carrots.
◇ 4 medium sized onions.
◇ 1 tomato.
◇ 1 cup of rice.
◇ 2 cinnamon sticks.
◇ 1.5 tsp of salt.
◇ 2 tbsps of tomato paste.
◇ Handful of parsley.

◇ Cut the Beef Shank into large pieces and add cold water in a cooking pan (4 L). Leave them to boil all the while removing the white foam. Add the salt, cinnamon sticks, the tomato (after slightly cutting it on top in the shape of a cross) and the sliced onions.
Let them boil for 1 hour.
◇ In the meantime, cut the carrots and zucchini into small cubes and slice the parsley.
◇ Add the cut vegetables to the stew when you are done with step 1. Then add the rice and tomato paste and let the entire stew cook for another half an hour.

And there you have it!👩‍🍳 Bon appetit.

NB: When you bring to a boil, you should have high heat. Once boiled, leave for about 2 mins and then lower the heat and cover for 20 mins or until well cooked.

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