Peas Stew and Steamed Rice “Bazella w Riz”

Today, I had little time to prepare lunch and no time to take pictures of the preparation steps. So, I figured since this recipe is easy to do, I will only take a picture of the final outcome and answer any questions about the preparation in case something isn’t clear enough for you 🤗 So let me know 👇

◇ 250g ground beef.
◇ 1 onion.
◇ 2 Frozen peas bags (900g each).
◇ Carrots (canned or fresh).
◇ 1 tsp of sugar.
◇ 1 and a half tsps of salt.
◇ Pinch of cinnamon powder.
◇ 1 and a half tbsps of flour.
◇ Half tsp of pepper.
◇ 1 small box of strained tomatoes (200g). Method:
◇ Fry the meat in a sauce pan with its own fat until well done. Add the sliced onion (small squares) for 1 minute all the while mixing them together.
◇ On the side, wash the peas in a deep colander. After that, add the round cut carrots (or canned ones) and spray them with the flour.
◇ Once the meat and onions are well done, add the peas and carrots covered with flour to them as well as all the other ingredients (sugar, salt, cinnamon powder, pepper, strained tomatoes). And cover the whole thing with drinking water (just to the surface of the mix). Leave to boil for about 5 minutes on high heat and then for 20 to 30 mins on low heat. (Check if they’re done. If not you can keep them on low heat until the peas are soft). This recipe is better served with a side of cooked rice.

There you have it 👩‍🍳


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