Snaynye, Sweets for First Tooth

Do you usually celebrate a baby’s first tooth? Here in Lebanon, we do so by preparing something called “Snaynye” (mainly made of wheat bran) and offer it to family and friends.
And since I like family gatherings, I decided to set up the table and invite the family over πŸ€—. Check the pictures in my stories’ highlights on instagram:

β—‡ 2 packs of wheat bran.
β—‡ 2 cups of powdered sugar.

β—‡ 3 tbsps of ground cinnamon.
β—‡ 2 tbsps of rose water.
β—‡ 2 tbsps of ground anis. (All these quantities may vary according to your taste).
β—‡ 1 bag ground coconut.

β—‡ Pine nuts.
β—‡ Walnuts.
β—‡ Almonds. β—‡ M&M’s.
β—‡ Teeth shaped candy.
β—‡ Colorful candy.
β—‡ Lollipops.
β—‡ Marshmallows.

β—‡ After cleaning the wheat bran from residue, soak them in clean water one day prior to the preparation.
β—‡ Next day, place them in a cooking pan with drinking water 5 cm above their surface. Leave them on high heat, uncovered until the water boils and leave them 5 mins after boiling before reducing to low heat, covering the pan and setting your alarm for 1h 15mins.
β—‡ When they’re done, place them in a large mixing bowl and add all the ingredients one at a time all the while constantly mixing.
β—‡ Taste it and add whatever you feel is missing.
β—‡ When they cool off, place them in serving bowls and decorate each bowl separately. You can also place them in a big serving pan and decorate it. For more ideas check my story highlight on Snaynye.

Hope you will enjoy 😍
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